Psychotherapy from an Integrative Perspective

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Licensed Psychologist

in the Greater Boston Area

The different facets of ourselves are intimately connected, and the healthcare which is most effective examines problems from all facets - psychological, biological, spiritual, relational, and societal. 

Dr. Williams works within this holistic framework, and from a highly compassionate, trauma-informed, culturally responsive approach.


For those with faith backgrounds, treatment can include the incorporation of components such as meditation or prayer, which is scientifically shown to be effective in promoting healing and coping with distress. 



Access to a therapist who shares your racial (and other) identities is a privilege that many people don't have. The link below is a great resource if you would like to look for a therapist who may share your identities:

Dr. Williams is also happy to work with those looking for support with issues of racial trauma, navigating microaggressions, burnout from activism, and working in organizations which do not recognize the impacts of systemic racism.


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